Armchair psychologist Sol (Solomon) sees himself as a counsellor, and armed with a book on every subject, he aims to heal his friends with a hotchpotch of therapies.

Sadly for Sol, he shares none of the wisdom of his Biblical namesake and his attempts to help others lead to spiralling disaster and absurd consequences.



The initial inspiration for the music was a sort of Latin bar, tequila drinking vibe. It needed to sound down-to-earth with a strong identity. For the theme tune I wanted something that might be sung by a friendly rabble, wobbling out of the pub!

The concept required the forming of the Man Del band consisting of:

  • Tom: drums, percussion, piano, hammond organ, ocarina
  • Andrew Whitfield: bass guitar
  • Ian Rough: acoustic and electric guitar
  • Chris Thompson: Violin, Mandolin
  • The series required more than 160 music cues. More work than a feature film!

    It was important to me to use real musicians, as opposed to sample libraries and electronics. The music had to have an earthy feel, with all the grit that comes from the real thing.